Children’s Injuries

An injury to your child could have a devastating affect on you and your whole family. It is crucial to understand that in instances where a child is the plaintiff for an injury claim, the case will be seen and dealt with very differently from an adult claim. Your lawyer should have the expertise to navigate the related complexities and restrictions involved in child injury cases. Below are some of the most common places and types of injuries where children are involved;

  • school trip accident
  • daycare or montessori accident
  • school property improper maintenance
  • swimming pools
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • summer camp accident
  • Insufficient adult supervision
  • Poorly Maintained Playgrounds and Equipment
  • Sports equipment deficiencies
  • Home appliances accidents, like ovens and irons
  • Children’s furniture and toys accidents, like bunk beds and trampolines

When a child has been injured, our goal is to make sure that not only are they compensated for their full rehabilitation, but that their future is properly protected and accounted for. We want to guarantee that when they go back to school or work they can achieve their maximum potential after being injured. We will conduct any special assessments necessary to determine how they would have developed naturally into adulthood were they not involved in the accident. We will work directly their case managers, teachers, education specialists, social workers, caregivers, paediatric neurologists, neuro-psychologists, family physicians and speech pathologists to
ensure that we are doing everything as a team to get the absolute best results for present and future losses for your child.

In Ontario courts, when a child is a plaintiff, a ‘litigation guardian’ must represent the interests of the child in the lawsuit. This is the case for any person considered a minor (under the age of 18). The judicial system wants to ensure that the child is fairly represented and that their best interests are vetted and approved by a responsible adult.

Further, it is more than likely that if your child is injured one or more family members will be involved in full time care for the child. The time and energy you have dedicated to your child’s rehabilitation will need to be properly assessed so that we can seek all appropriate and available avenues of compensation.