When to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer and How to Find The Right One

February 21, 2019
Paras Patel
B.A. Hons., L.L.B., L.L.M.

When you have been hurt as a result of somebody else’s negligence, knowing what to do can seem confusing and bewildering. While we hope that you never need to work with a personal injury lawyer, there are several steps to take immediately after an accident or incident where you have been hurt.

First, get medical attention. If an ambulance arrives on the scene and paramedics recommend going to a hospital, follow their advice. But even if you don’t need to be rushed to the ER, see your personal physician or go to a walk-in clinic to be checked out as soon as possible. Often, people are not aware that they have been injured, especially if there are internal injuries. A doctor will be able to determine whether you have been hurt and require treatment.

Second, if you do not need immediate medical attention, collect all of the facts. Get the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of anyone else involved in the accident or incident as well as those of people who may have witnessed what happened. If it was a motor vehicle accident, be sure to get the driver’s license numbers of others who were involved. If possible, take pictures of any damages, injuries, and the general area where the incident occurred.

Third, report the incident to the police if you were in a motor vehicle accident or to the proper provincial authorities if it was a workplace incident.

Fourth, contact a personal injury lawyer at Gosai Law. While a lawsuit may not be at the top of your mind in the immediate aftermath of an accident or incident, it is important to protect your rights. There are deadlines in filing a claim and we will act quickly to ensure that you will be able to get whatever compensation that you might be entitled to.

Complex Legal Issues

Laws regarding personal injury claims are complicated. They are filled with strict timelines and notice periods that must be followed or you can lose your ability to be compensated for your injuries. At Gosai Law, we focus entirely on personal injury litigation. So, we know how to protect your rights and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Even if you believe you may be at fault, you might still be entitled to be paid for your injuries. Many injured victims are unable to return to work.

Money may be tight and people wonder if they can afford a lawyer. When you work with the lawyers at Gosai Law, that isn’t a concern. Most of the time, our fee is based on a contingency. This means you pay nothing until your case concludes.

Here are four things to keep in mind when choosing a lawyer to represent you after an injury:

1 – Retain a lawyer who specializes in personal injuries. Personal injury law is complicated and it is always evolving. Select a lawyer who has the necessary experience and expertise to represent you properly while aggressively protecting your rights.

2 – Be sure you understand the fee arrangements. Pay particular attention to what percentage of the eventual settlement or award you receive the lawyer will keep as their fee, how disbursements for things such as copier and courier costs are handled, and what your personal obligations might be if you decide to change lawyers or decide to discontinue your case at any point.

3 – Feel comfortable with your lawyer. Most personal injury cases take a year to be concluded, sometimes longer depending on its complexity. Be sure that you and your attorney have compatible personalities, and that they explain how often they will communicate with you about any developments in your case. Also find out if they’ll keep you updated by phone, email or in-person meetings.

4 – If English isn’t your first language, can the lawyers communicate in a language where you’re fluent? Find out if the firm’s staff has fluency in a variety of languages and ask if the firm has access to interpreters and translators who can participate in meetings to ensure that you understand what you’re being asked or told.

Never Too Late

Even if you have started to handle your own personal injury claim, it is never too late to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer. In fact, it is especially important to contact a lawyer when your claim for benefits has been denied or discontinued by an insurance company. If someone from an insurance company wants to meet with you, speak with you, or take a statement from you, it is important that you have a personal injury lawyer at the meeting who will protect your rights. Insurance companies are very adept at getting people to say things that can be misconstrued later if the case goes to trial. If you have any questions about when – or whether – to retain a personal injury lawyer, feel free to contact one of the personal injury authorities at Gosai Law at 905.595.2225. There’s no cost or obligation and it could save you problems down the line.

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