Long-Term Disability

An Emotional Trauma Can Be As Life-Altering As A Serious Injury: Let Us Help You Get Your Life Back

Whether you are critically injured or emotionally traumatized by an incident it can alter the course of the rest of your life.

When you suffer a long-term disability, not only do you have to recover from the emotional scars of a traumatic event or the medical or healthcare treatment and rehabilitation that take a physical toll, you may not be able to work ever again.

You don’t have the same degree of enjoyment in life: Doing things with your family and friends, participating in activities, or even taking in simple pleasures like going for a walk.

We are committed to helping you when you suffer a long-term disability so that you receive the compensation you deserve – not just to recover damages from the incident but to pay for the ongoing care you may require as well as replace the income that you won’t be able to earn as a result of being injured.

There are different types of incidents that result in emotional damage or a critical or catastrophic injury that changes the course of your life:

As lawyers who focus on long-term disability litigation, we know how the insurance company is going to react, the arguments they’ll raise and what will make them settle with you. They won’t want to go to court but we prepare every critical and catastrophic injury case as if it will end up before a judge: Thoroughly, aggressively and with your best interests and long-term needs in mind.

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