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As an employee, you want to feel like your employer has your best interests at heart — a healthy work environment directly correlates with employee retention, overall job satisfaction, and stronger engagement and productivity across the board. Unfortunately, not all employers meet this ideal. 

An employer can fail its employees in a variety of ways. Unilateral changes and hostile workplace environments are just a few examples which could contribute to common workplace disputes. 

As an employee, you have rights. And if you feel like those rights have been breached or violated, you may look towards filing an employment law claim. Here at Gosai Law, we have the skills and expertise needed to navigate the nuances associated with employment litigation.

Employment litigation can encompass various issues – from diverse human resources matters to breaches in policies and procedures – there are many reasons as to why an employee may choose to pursue a claim. 

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Common Employment Law Claims

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful terminations occur when an employer terminates the employment contract of the employee without providing reasonable notice. Insufficient termination notice can be considered wrongful. In the event that the employee is terminated “with cause”, they may still be entitled to termination pay in lieu of notice. Contact our office to obtain your legal rights surrounding the termination.

Job Abandonment

Job Abandonment occurs when an employee has an unexplained or unauthorized absence from their employment, which results in the employer deeming that the employee has abandoned their job. It stems from a continued pattern of uncommunicated, unexplained absences. It is treated as a resignation, as opposed to termination. This means, the employee will not receive severance or termination pay.

Human Rights and Discrimination

Discrimination should never be tolerated. Unfortunately, it takes many forms in the workplace. An individual may be discriminated against based on their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or more. Discrimination may occur while you are seeking employment, during your employment or at the time your employment is being terminated. Employers have a duty to ensure that workplaces are free from any form of harassment or discrimination. As an employee, your rights are protected by several Human Rights laws.

Contract Breaches

Employment contracts may include legal jargon which could make it difficult to understand. In understanding the contract, an employee is better positioned to know what contractual obligations an employer has towards you. A breach in contract occurs when one of the parties to the contract breaks one of those terms. Written contracts are particularly important in the context of employment — they act as a guiding light for compensation, promotions, duties, and more.

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Individualized Approach
Employment litigation cases in Ontario are not always clear-cut, and we at Gosai Law understand that every claim may require a different strategy. With employment cases, it is imperative to work with a lawyer who knows how to overcome the hurdles. Through extensive research, we pride ourselves on our ability to devise an individualized approach to help you get the resolution you desire. Using the tools at our disposal and seeking guidance from external professionals and experts, we can effectively tackle complex or unusual situations. As a team with comprehensive experience in different counsels, we can assure you that we are the firm you can rely on throughout the process of resolving your claim. We work with you, for you.
Maximum Compensation
Our strategies are curated for each individual client matter, with a tested process to ensure maximum compensation. If you are suffering financially due to an employment issue, we are here to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.
Digital Appointments
Our office continues to practice physical distancing, with our office location currently being closed. This has not changed our dedication to our valued clients and their individual cases, as we continue to be an advocate for your case remotely. We would like to reassure you that any appointments or communications we have with you at this time will be virtual.
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At Gosai Law, we offer free consultations. From there, our firm works on a contingency fee - this means that until your case concludes and you are awarded compensation, you don’t pay until we win.

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Your employment claim may include a range of possible legal issues that require a personalized approach. Although this is not an exhaustive list, we will require the following documents:

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