Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you’re in a car or motor vehicle accident, talk to an accident injury lawyer before speaking to your insurance company.

Few things are as frightening as a car or motor vehicle accident because it is so sudden and unexpected. Every year, more than 50,000 people are injured in car and motor vehicle accidents on Ontario highways.

From our office in Brampton, at Gosai Law we help people like you from across the Greater Toronto Area and all of Ontario who have been hurt in a car, truck, motorcycle or ATV accident. We help you obtain the compensation you deserve. We work with you to file a timely claim for accident benefits on your insurance policy as well as pursuing a lawsuit against the person who injured you. By speaking with us before you file a claim with your insurance company, you won’t say anything that might later be used against you when your case is being settled or is in court. Regardless of how serious your injuries might be, we have devoted our careers to fighting and winning the most complex cases. While we always try to settle so you won’t have to go to court, we prepare every case as if it will end up in front of a judge: thoroughly, completely, aggressively, and with your best interest and the future in mind.

Car Accidents
Car accidents occur many different ways. You might be rear-ended because the car behind you didn’t slow down. You might be side-swiped on a narrow road or when someone is passing you. A blind intersection could result in your car being “T-boned” by another that didn’t yield, stop, or use caution. In bad weather, there is a greater risk of multi-car pileups. In a worst-case situation, you might be the victim of a hit-and-run driver.
Truck Accidents
Automobiles share the road with about 750,000 trucks. One in every five fatal road accidents in Ontario involved a truck. Despite a crackdown by Ontario Provincial Police, accidents involving trucks often are caused by driver fatigue, inattentive driving because the truck operator was on their cell phone, or because of poor or faulty maintenance. When driving on a 400-series expressway, the Gardiner, QEW, or Don Valley Parkway, you are especially at risk of becoming involved in an accident with a truck.
Bus and Public Transit
In Toronto alone, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is involved in some 4,000 accidents each year. When a bus or streetcar is involved in an accident with a car, the sheer size of the TTC vehicle can cause serious injuries to people in a car or on a bike – as well as to the passengers of the TTC vehicle. Likewise, several hundred accidents involving intercity buses occur each year. Because they are travelling at high speed on a highway, the result can be numerous injuries to passengers.
Many people enjoy tooling around the countryside on a motorcycle. There’s a special kind of freedom riding in the open air with the wind rushing around you. Yet even the most-careful driver can find themselves in an accident. And if your motorcycle is in an accident, you and a passenger can suffer multiple serious injuries – even be killed. If you are involved in an accident involving your motorcycle be sure to speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer at Gosai Law to protect your rights.
All-Terrain Vehicles
ATVs are very popular in smaller towns and rural Ontario, and a growing number of urban dwellers have one to use on weekend getaways. Sadly, many people using ATV’s are either younger operators or adults who are inexperienced and do not follow rules of the road or wear the correct safety equipment. If you have been injured by an ATV, we can help you navigate the very complex nature of these claims and the many nuances in the law and insurance policies that can affect you collecting money for your injury.

Am I Eligible for Accident Benefits?

What Are Accident Benefits?

Many people are unaware that their insurance policy provides money if they have been injured in an accident. It doesn’t matter who was at fault and will help you cover the costs that you may have immediately after suffering an injury.

Commonly Covered Accident Benefits

While the specifics of your insurance policy may be different, most policies provide many of these benefits:

Report your accident
After a car or motor vehicle accident, it is crucial to report it to the police as soon as possible. But speak with us before talking to your insurance company and filing a claim. We will help you with everything, including filing for the accident benefits provided in your policy. Because we only help injured people, we know how to guide you through what may seem like a complicated and overwhelming process. You can focus on recovering and returning to the life you enjoyed before the accident while we take care of the details.

How we will help you during this difficult time

To claim benefits under your insurance policy requires following a number of specific things that must be done. Each has deadlines that must be met or you may lose your right to claim them.

Critical Steps to Take After a Motor Vehicle Accident
An application for accident benefits must be filed within seven days of your accident
The package of accident benefit claim forms must be submitted within 30 days your accident.
The person or company being sued must be notified within 120 days of your accident.
Are you unable to return to work after the incident and eligible for Long Term Disability?
LEARN MORE about the process of Long Term Disability claims and benefits.

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