A Spinal Cord Injury Could Impact The Rest of Your Life


In many situations, recovering from a spinal cord injury can be life-altering. Depending on the severity of the injury, it could result in long-term damage – even permanent damage. 

Following such an injury, it’s easy to feel helpless. As such, it’s imperative to seek help from a skilled lawyer who can help you navigate the waters of a spinal injury case.

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Spinal Surgeries and Access to Treatment

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression surgery is a procedure performed to alleviate pain caused by pinched nerves. This could include a microdiscectomy, which helps alleviate pain from a lumbar herniated disk, or a lumbar laminectomy, which is performed to treat pain from lumbar spinal stenosis.

Spine Stabilization

Spine stabilization - better known as dynamic lumbar spine stabilization surgery - involves the installation of hardware and bone grafts to fuse segments of the spine. This bone-like material is effective for treating spinal stenosis and relieving pain and pressure on the nerves in the low back.

Assisted Devices

Assisted devices may be needed after a spinal cord injury. This can include communication devices for neurological damage, as well as devices to aid mobility function, in the event of paralysis.

Physical Therapy

Following a spinal cord injury, a patient may need physical therapy, occupational therapy, as well as counseling for emotional support.

Our Commitment
Individualized Approach
Spinal injury cases in Ontario are not always clear-cut, and we at Gosai Law understand that every claim may require a different strategy.

It’s imperative to work with a lawyer who knows how to overcome the hurdles the insurance company may unexpectedly raise. Through extensive research, we pride ourselves on our ability to devise an individualized approach to help you get the resolution you desire.

Using the tools at our disposal and seeking guidance from external professionals and experts, we can effectively tackle complex or unusual situations. As a team with comprehensive experience in different counsels, we can assure you that we are the firm you can rely on throughout the process of resolving your critical injury claim.

We work with you, for you.

Maximum Compensation
Our strategies are curated for each client, with a tested process to ensure maximum compensation. If you are suffering financially due to a spinal injury, we are here to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Our dedicated team will analyze your case from all angles, persistently following up on any new leads and communications to ensure that you are compensated fairly should new developments arise.

Digital Appointments
We would like to reassure you that any appointments or communications we have with you at this time will be virtual.

Our office continues to practice physical distancing, with our office location currently being closed. This has not changed our dedication to our valued clients and their individual cases, as we continue to be an advocate for your case remotely.

Affordable Services
When you work with our team at Gosai Law, your current financial position will not be an issue.

We always offer free consultations. From there, our firm works on a contingency fee - this means that until your case concludes and you are awarded compensation, you don’t pay until we win.

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What We Need to Fight a Spinal Injury Claim?

Your spinal injury claim may include a range of possible legal issues that require a personalized approach. Although this is not an exhaustive list, we may require the following documents:

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You and your legal matter are unique and we work with you to find the best solution to your specific situation. We help people who have suffered from a Personal Injury who are seeking compensation, as well as Family and Real Estate Law matters in these areas:

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